Purina Fancy Feast canned cat food made with authentic, high-quality ingredients. Like real poultry or beef, to deliver 100 percent complete and balanced food for adult cats. This delight cat food made with gravy variety pack includes recipes with a combination of vitamins and minerals. It supports your cat’s whole-body health. Nutritionists craft these high-quality chicken, turkey, or beef formulas, infusing them with a light, savory gravy for delightful taste and aroma. This food has no artificial colors or preservatives, so your cat gets everything they need. Every Purina Fancy Feast cat food with gravy is thoughtfully crafted and tested for quality and safety in Purina-owned U.S. facilities.

Flavor: Chicken & Beef
Age Range: All Life Stages
Product Form: Gravy
Specific Uses for Product: Skin and Coat Health, Digestive Health

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